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Monthly Archives: March 2021


Comparative Fault in Construction Law Cases – Who is Liable?

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Comparative fault is the idea that more than one person can be liable for an injury or a breach of some kind of duty. Just think of a car accident—if you run into someone, the person you ran into may have done something to contribute to the accident. If someone falls in your store,… Read More »

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What is a Home Warranty?

By Sweeney Law, PA |

A home warranty plan is a plan that protects your home and your property from breakdowns, failures or defects that are made by, or passed on from, the builder. The breakdowns can be structural, such as those that go to the construction of the building, but can also warranty property in the home, such… Read More »

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Attorney Brendan A. Sweeney of Sweeney Law, P.A. Featured in the Feb/March 2021 Edition of the Broward County Bar Barrister – A Year After…What is the Silver Lining from Covid-19 and What Can We Expect for 2021 A Discussion with the Honorable Jack Tuter, Chief Judge of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit

By Sweeney Law, PA |

One year ago, times were much different: in-person court hearings, in-person mediations and depositions, in-person trials, no face masks, and significantly less use of hand sanitizer. Immense changes have taken place with the legal system as a result of the pandemic. As President John F. Kennedy stated “Change is the law of life, and… Read More »

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Workers’ Compensation Requirements for Construction Companies

By Sweeney Law, PA |

If you are in the construction industry, workers’ compensation is a necessity. It’s not only a necessity, it’s a requirement—in fact, Florida law places a higher burden on construction companies than it does on non-construction companies to provide workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ Compensation Requirements Normally, a business that has more than four employees working… Read More »

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Time of the Essence Clauses in Construction Contracts

By Sweeney Law, PA |

In almost every kind of contract nowadays, you see a time is of the essence (TIOE) clause. But in a construction law contract there can be loads of time periods, for all kinds of milestones. Is one general TIOE clause enough to protect parties? What is a Time is of the Essence Clause? A… Read More »

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