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Monthly Archives: August 2021


Understanding Exclusions In Your General Liability Policy

By Sweeney Law, PA |

A general commercial liability (GCL) insurance policy is vital for any company in the construction industry. It can protect your construction company against devastating and expensive lawsuits. But getting a GCL policy is only part of the battle. The other part is understanding what your GCL policy does and does not cover. There’s nothing… Read More »

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What Is A Coblentz Agreement?

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Let’s say that you are sued by another company or person. You have insurance, usually inc construction, a General Liability Policy, and you give the claim to the insurance company. The insurance company alleges that there is no coverage, or that an exclusion applies, which means that there is no coverage. The other side… Read More »

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Dealing With Fluctuations In The Cost Of Raw Materials

By Sweeney Law, PA |

When you enter into a contract, before you sign, you are supposed to weigh the pros and cons, and consider the risks inherent in the deal. If there are risks, those risks should be addressed. You should know in advance what you stand to gain and lose under the terms of the deal. Usually,… Read More »

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When Change Is Too Much Change: The Cardinal Change Doctrine

By Sweeney Law, PA |

We all know that when it comes to construction, things don’t always go as planned. Changes happen, delays, price fluctuations, and change orders can all throw an otherwise orderly, well planned out job, into chaos. But overall, the fundamental, core purpose of the contract doesn’t change. Or does it? In fact, it can, and… Read More »

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