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Monthly Archives: April 2020


Marriage-Based Employment Discrimination in Florida

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited in Florida by federal and state laws. In an employment discrimination lawsuit, it is generally up to the employee alleging that the discrimination occurred to present all of the elements of a discrimination claim, and then up to the employer to show that the treatment of the employee… Read More »

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Unfair Business Practices Under Florida’s Unfair Competition Laws

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Florida’s small business community plays a significant role in keeping the Sunshine State’s economy vibrant and strong. According to 2018 data provided by the United States Small Business Administration, small businesses comprised more than 99 percent of all Florida businesses and employed over three million people.  The operations of small businesses (and all businesses)… Read More »

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Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenants

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Contracts are made up of promises. For example, one party to a contract may promise to do some type of work while the other party promises to pay for that work. The promises on both sides are referred to, in law, as covenants. Most often, contractual covenants require one party or the other to… Read More »

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Construction Defects – Time Limits under Florida’s Statute of Limitations

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Moving day, whether it involves moving into a brand-new home or an older home that has been renovated, renewed or refreshed, is the culmination of a long planning process that involves many details and lots of decisions. Even a more limited construction project, such as an addition or a renovation, requires careful attention and… Read More »

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Preventing Construction Worker Falls

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Workplace injuries occur across all industries and can affect workers in all roles. When it comes to worker fatalities in industry, the construction industry factors significantly in statistical calculations. According to OSHA, on-the-job fatalities, lead to more than 14 deaths per day across all industry sectors in 2018. Of private industry fatalities for the… Read More »

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