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Monthly Archives: March 2020


Condominium Transfer Fees in Florida

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Moving into a new home involves many costs – some anticipated and some unanticipated – for both homeowners and rental tenants. Anticipated costs may include such items as relocation expenses and insurance. Other costs, such as renovation costs and expenses for new furnishings and fixtures, can be anticipated or unexpected. For any Florida condominium… Read More »

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Can My Business Operate as an LLC in Florida?

By Sweeney Law, PA |

If you are starting up a new business this year, one important consideration is how that business will operate, or, in other words, your choice of business form. For many new businesses these days, the LLC is a popular choice. In fact, according to the Department of State, Division of Corporations, there were well… Read More »

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Florida Lien Law – What Does Your Contract Say About Who Pays Subcontractors?

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Florida’s lien law is made up of several parts, each of which governs liens in different types of businesses or industries. The first part of the lien law – which covers construction liens – covers construction liens, an important subject for anyone involved in a construction project, whether a contractor, subcontractor, or property owner…. Read More »

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Attorney Brendan A. Sweeney of Sweeney Law, P.A. Featured in the March Edition of the Broward County Bar Barrister – TRIAL TECHNOLOGY STEPS

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Use of Courtroom Technology in The 17th Judicial Circuit Attorneys we regularly have to use technology in the courtroom, which ranges from evidentiary hearings with the use of a video clip, to a full-blown trial with several videos, power point presentations, online presentations, and the like. The last thing you want to do is… Read More »

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Legal Remedies for Slow Moving Contractors

By Sweeney Law, PA |

Home improvement projects involve time and effort – from the planning stages to finding a contractor to finally seeing the plan take shape. Sometimes, the time it takes in between finding a contractor and seeing the plan take shape seems excessive. Complaints about undue delay are not uncommon. Homeowners (or other contracting parties) often… Read More »

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