Credit Reporting and Credit Repair

According to the Federal Trade Commission, one in five Americans has an error on their credit report. Though most of these errors are trivial, up to 5% of consumers has an egregious error causing them to be overcharged on insurance, credit card debt, loans, and other financial responsibilities. If you have a concern or would like to dispute your credit report, Sweeney Law, P.A. can assist you?

The FCRA: Protecting Consumer Rights

Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Repair Act), you, the consumer, have a right to dispute credit reporting agencies and creditors for incorrect or questionable entries and incomplete, deceptive, or inaccurate information. An error on your credit report could occur due to:

  • Inaccurate Public Records: Misreporting of judgment, bankruptcy, or lien information.
  • Out-of-date entries: Negative entries on your credit report that have not been removed after seven years. This includes collections, bankruptcies, liens, foreclosures, late payments, repossessions, etc.
  • Mixed Files: Your information is combined with another consumer’s who has a similar name or social security number.
  • Identity Theft: Misinformation in your file as a result of identity theft.

Though there are other possibilities for error, these are the most common. If you have been a victim of identity theft, it is important to check for credit report damage.

A Credit Repair Attorney Can Help

If you have any reason to believe that your credit report may be in error, contact a credit repair attorney sooner than later. Sweeney Law, P.A. offers professional credit repair services.

Our team will be able to review and assess your credit report to determine if there is any misinformation affecting your file. We can then represent you in the necessary proceedings to ensure that your report is disputed and corrected.

If you are looking for credit repair or other legal services in Broward County, Sweeney Law, P.A. is well-equipped to provide you with the personalized attention and service that you deserve. Call 954-440-3993 or request a consultation here.